Governmental Affairs Updates


The mission of the IATA is to improve the quality of healthcare in the State of Illinois through the advancement, promotion, and improvement of the athletic training profession at all levels, and to promote a better working relationship among those interested in athletic training by providing a means for a free exchange of ideas.

Governmental Affairs Updates

Posted by: Andrea Kovalsky  | Sunday, October 0th, 2017

Practice Act Update:

We are continuing to dialogue with the IPTA and ISMS regarding the proposed Amendment language that was introduced in 2016, as both groups have been our strongest opposition. Once we have a mutually agreeable Amendment in place, we will introduce it as a bill in 2017/early 2018. Further details will be given as they happen, including when to begin contacting your legislators to support the new bill.

PAC Fundraisers:

Plans are underway for a Trivia Night Fundraiser to benefit our PAC Account. This event will be held in conjunction with the 2017 State Meeting Social. Those interested in volunteering should contact Kristen Streeter ( Stay tuned to eblasts and our social media sites for further details!

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