Illinois Laws and Rules

Athletic training services in Illinois are authorized by state statute. These laws recognize athletic trainers as licensed healthcare providers, set qualifications, define their scope of practice, and establish sanctions for violations. The Illinois Athletic Trainers Board, an entity of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, oversees compliance with these regulations.

Sunset review of most professions in Illinois occurs every 10 years. The next scheduled review for Athletic Trainers occurs in 2026. The IATA works with members of the General Assembly to play a pivotal role in developing legislation regulating the profession and practice of athletic training. With assistance of our professional lobbyist and sponsoring legislators, grassroots efforts are created to guide the involvement of our members.

The purpose of the Sunset Review is to provide oversight and regulatory accountability. Sunset provides a system for continuing or terminating agencies, programs, or professions as well as other statutes. Regulatory oversight for licensed professionals rests within the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Professional Regulation. The regulatory power granted to the agency is to protect the public health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of Illinois. To that extent, the Illinois Athletic Trainers Practice Act (094-0246) provides the framework that guides their decisions and permits them some latitude for developing specific rules.

Once licensed by the State of Illinois, the proper credential to use is ATC or LAT-not both. Additionally, in keeping with NATA and BOC, Inc. guidelines, it is inappropriate to refer to a Certified and/or Licensed Athletic Trainer by the credential itself. The acronym to use is AT or ATs (plural).

Click here for resources from the BOC on how to market your certification.

Also, check out this article from the NATA Foundation about properly listing credentials:

Demystifying Proper Credentials

Click on the link below for the statement from the NATA Educational Council Executive Committee regarding credentials:

Proper Treatment of Degrees, Licenses and Credentials

References: State of Illinois General Assembly

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