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To the members of the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association:

In order to meet our association’s goal in being transparent with our members; I was tasked with creating a membership Return on Investment (ROI) Report. This was done by taking our current expenditures that directly benefit our members from the beginning of this past fiscal year and comparing them with the income we receive from our membership dues.

Items that were designated as member benefits include, but are not limited to: state meetings costs, lobbying for the legislative goals (state practice act), website redevelopment/online presence, and operational costs. The largest of these expenditures were website redevelopment and lobbying; accounting for about 46% of the money spent from membership dues.

The IATA is excited for the upcoming rollout of our new website. As many of you know, our website has been plagued with issues over the past few years and we have taken the opportunity to improve by investing heavily into our new website. We will be using the same hosting and design service as GLATA. Our website will be very similar to our district site and will allow us, as an organization, more options and easier editing to keep our content current. The cost is high at first, but we believe this will pay huge dividends in the future and provide greater member communication.

Lobbying is an essential function of our association and has been invaluable in getting our most recent practice act passed. With the struggles some states have had in getting and maintaining licensure, we are fortunate to have great lobbying efforts and governmental affairs committee members.

Overall, the IATA spends approximately $0.78 per every member dollar. The remaining $0.22 is put into our General Funds account, money market accounts, or investment accounts. This other money is used for other capital expenditures (such as the website) or needs in the future. Our $0.78/$1.00 spent for member benefits compares well with the American Physical Therapy Association’s 2014 Annual Report which states they spend $0.77/$1.00 on their members. The Illinois’ Physical Therapy Association numbers were not available to non-members for comparison. NATA membership dues information can be found on their website, but the amount per dollar information is not available.

We hope this report sheds some light on where the majority of your dues as members are being spent. If it any time you have a question regarding your dues please do not hesitate to contact your region representative and he/she can direct your question to the appropriate person(s). Keep in mind dues are spent for the good of the whole state and may not directly benefit your practice setting but the practice of athletic training throughout the State of Illinois.

Thank you,

Jordan Anderson- Former Membership Director

Let me begin by being the first to Welcome YOU to the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. Whether you are a newly certified young graduate or an experienced professional transferring in from another state-or someone in between; your decision to join our ranks is greatly appreciated!

Past President Mike “Sully” Sullivan, MS, ATC

IATA Projects/Collaborations:

• Midwest Orthopedics at Rush “Knees for Life” campaign.

• Annual state symposium

• Maintaining state licensure and updating legislative language. “Sunset Review”

• Annual IATA Golf outing supporting the Political Action Committee (PAC)

and scholarship funds.

• And Many More!

As a new member, we encourage you to sign up for your National Provider Identification number (NPI#). Instructions to do so can be found at It is free and can take as little as 5 minutes!

We would like you to take a look at the IATA Constitution & By-Laws, particularly at the committees. If you have interest in getting involved with the IATA or a committee in particular, please contact the IATA Membership Director:

Greg Garofalo at

All contact information for the Board of Directors can be found on the IATA’s website.