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The mission of the IATA is to improve the quality of healthcare in the State of Illinois through the advancement, promotion, and improvement of the athletic training profession for practicing Athletic Trainers in all settings, and to be proactive in creating effective partnerships in our communities, as well as among those interested in athletic training as a career. In addition, IATA provides a means for a free exchange of ideas for the Illinois athletic training field.

The IATA Student Congress is comprised of 2 student representatives from each AT program in the state of Illinois. These students are chosen by their individual programs. The mission of the IATA Student Congress is to develop future athletic training leaders and bring forth voices of the athletic training students in the state of Illinois. If you are interested in becoming involved in the IATA Student Congress, please contact Taylor Arman, MSEd, ATC, Student Congress Advisor, with any questions.

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Monthly Program Reports

Check out what each Athletic Training Program is up to this month!

Eastern Illinois University

With the school year winding down, Eastern Illinois Athletic Training is planning on ending the year strong. Last month was a great success overall, with all of our activities going very smoothly. Moving forward, we plan on incorporating more activities for our students to get more involved in. Activities we have in mind include a casting lab, a cupping technique lab, and a SASTM lab, which we are still hoping for. We also plan to have some guest speakers for next year including athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

Just recently, our senior class participated in a practice BOC test which went very well! For the EIU Athletic Training club, we also nominated new officers for the executive board. New executive members to come! To add on, a new IATA representative has been selected for EIU. To end the year off, the EIU Athletic Training program is hosting a family picnic in which the families of the athletic training students come to EIU see everyone (students and staff). This picnic involves eating lots of food, having fun, and finding out what the next clinical rotations are for the students.

It has been a great year for everyone and EIU athletic training continues to grow. We are thankful for all the opportunities we have had this year and could not be more excited for what the future brings. Everyone in the program has worked so hard, and we always want to continue to build from that!

Lewis University

Lewis University is almost done with the Spring 2019 semester. There are about three more weeks left. Clinical one students began to have more responsibilities at their sites with skills inventories to practice and complete. Clinical 2 students were exposed to non-traditional AT settings such as PT clinics, physician’s offices, and the ambulance ride rotation. Some had the opportunities to observe surgeries and learn firsthand about the various injuries that as an AT, they will be working to assess and treat to return to play. Juniors are focusing on the internship process and deciding where to apply to. Seniors have been finishing strong with classes, some have already taken the BOC, and waiting for results. Many are continuing their education at the higher level with a Master’s or Doctorate degree in AT. Some will be attending PT school and continuing to get more clinical experience. We wish these students the best of luck with their future endeavors!

North Park University

As the school year closes, we have come together as a program to get in some special events before we are dismissed for summer and our seniors have graduated. We have participated in volunteer opportunities such as Feed My Starving Children and also as mobile triage at the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. In addition to volunteer work, we have had some program outings such as bowling and Ultimate Ninjas. These events came after our seniors took their BOC exam, in hopes to have them sit back and enjoy themselves now that all of their hard work and preparation has come to an end.

Next up on the agenda is our end of the year BBQ. This will be potluck style and will be a place where we can all come together and celebrate the year that we have had as a program! Not only are our students and teachers welcome, but all off-site preceptors are invited to join us as well. Once we eat, the seniors present the senior gift to the program, as well as hand out our gifts to our on-site teachers and preceptors. At the end, everyone will come together and watch our end of the year slide show. For those who are willing to stay after, we will go out to the baseball and softball fields and either play kickball or softball! It is a great time of year and we look forward to being able to celebrate with everyone.

The last thing that our seniors have to look forward to is hearing back about their BOC results, the senior athlete banquet, and of course.. GRADUATION! Recently the seniors have taken a lot of time to reflect on their time at North Park, and we all find it so hard to believe that we are finally nearing the finish line.

At North Park, we are very thankful that we have had such a busy semester and school year and we look forward to what is to come next for all of us. We wish the seniors luck on their future endeavors and we are eager to finally roll out our Master’s Program beginning this summer!

Trinity International University

We just had our CAATE site visit, it seems to have gone well. We will have the final report soon. Our seniors have all taken the BOC and are waiting for their results. Finals are approaching and everything else is fairly quiet on campus.

Western Illinois University

Here at WIU we have had a busy month. We had our annual Donna Phillips 5K and Dog Walk, which several of our students participated in. We also had our annual Brophy Fitness Challenge, organized by our Athletic Training Student Association. Upcoming this month we also have our annual Senior Olympics, which again, several of our athletic training students are volunteering to help out with that. We also all took our comps, which went well across all of our student levels. We are getting ready to finish the semester strong with finals in two weeks. Go Necks!

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