The mission of the IATA is to improve the quality of healthcare in the State of Illinois through the advancement, promotion, and improvement of the athletic training profession for practicing Athletic Trainers in all settings, and to be proactive in creating effective partnerships in our communities, as well as among those interested in athletic training as a career. In addition, IATA provides a means for a free exchange of ideas for the Illinois athletic training field.

Research Grants

In order to enhance the NATA’s Research and Education Foundation, the Illinois Athletic Trainers’ Association has provided limited funding for athletic training related research in the state of Illinois. Attached you will find an application for grant monies from the IATA concerning research in the domains relevant to athletic training within the state of Illinois. Please note that in order to apply and/or possibly receive monies from the IATA, the applicant must be a Certified/Licensed, member in good standing not only with the NATA but also the IATA. This application must be submitted 3 months prior to the beginning of the research study and the research must be relevant to the profession of athletic training withinthe state of Illinois. All applications will be analyzed bi-annually and as stated above must be submitted prior to the beginning of the project. There will be no awards granted for recovery of cost involved with research that has already been initiated. If you require additional information, you can contact your regional representative. Grant applications will be reviewed and monies will be awarded during the Spring and Fall IATA BOD meetings. Please note that there is limited funding for these awards, and you may be turned down due to lack of funding.Thank you in advance for pursuing this grant from the IATA. We wish you good luck with your academic endeavor. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the IATA Grant Committee.

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