Clinic/Hospital Recognition Award

Requirements for this award include three parts. Part one is a letter of nomination by an athletic trainer sponsor. The letter must state the name of the hospital or clinic, the name of the program and the year it was established, the number of personnel in the sports medicine program by credential, and an indication of which personnel are members of the IATA. Part two includes seven criteria: Provide proof of athletic trainers employed in the program (e.g. copy of BOC certificate or IDFPR license and proof of employment document), Provide a mission statement (no more than 50 words), Provide a summary of the history and services offered in the sports medicine program (no more than 100 words), List involvement in the IATA (e.g. CEU sponsorships at IATA meetings, and/or providing state educational seminars/workshops/courses, corporate sponsorships of IATA, GLATA, and NATA), List local community involvement (e.g. ATC services for sports events and/or outreach services to high schools or recreational facilities), List involvement in GLATA and/or NATA (e.g. CEU sponsorships at GLATA / NATA meetings and/or providing GLATA / NATA educational seminars/workshops/courses), and List contributions to sports medicine and athletic training (e.g. research projects, publications, creative/media works, product inventions). Part three of the award nomination is to provide two letters of recommendation. These can be from a Director, co-worker, patient, or community event organizer, etc.

Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame committee is chaired by the Vice President. The committee will include each of the Regional Representatives on the IATA Board of Directors and one member of the Hall of Fame who has been in the HOF for a minimum of five years as selected by the Vice President. The committee receives and reviews all nominations, and is responsible for recommending candidates for induction to the Board. No committee member may act on his or her own nomination.

Karen Hovorka Humanitarian Award

The Karen Hovorka Humanitarian Award will be awarded on behalf of her family by the Illinois Athletic Trainers Assoc (IATA) to an individual who displays acts of kindness and service by volunteering his/her time to a charity/non-profit organization. The following is the criteria for the award: The nominee must be a Certified member of the IATA, have been in a volunteer role with the charity/ non-profit organization for a minimum of 12 months, submit a letter of recommendation from a personal reference, submit a letter of recommendation from a member of the charity/non-profit organization, and submit a one page personal statement reflecting on his/her philosophy of “The Importance of Giving”. Individuals must be nominated by another IATA member. The award is an engraved trophy presented to the recipient; in addition, a $250 honorarium will be given to the Les Turner ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Foundation in honor of Karen Hovorka, in the recipient’s name. Once the Honors and Awards Committee has received all applications, they will be given to the Hovorka family for review and selection of the award winner. All nominee information will be anonymous when presented for review.

Special Recognition Award

Individuals not meeting Hall of Fame induction requirements may be given a “special recognition award.” This award is reserved for those who have made significant contributions to the athletic training/sports medicine profession, as well as having a history of providing quality service to the athletes of our state. This award is given at the committee’s discretion. Criteria This award can be received by an individual, group, organization, etc. that is not eligible to receive the IATA Hall of Fame award. This could include a non-certified member of the IATA, physician, administrator, school, etc. Minimum of 10 years active practice or service to the athletic training/sports medicine profession and/or athletes in the state of Illinois. History of quality personal and professional contributions to the Athletic Training profession in the state of Illinois. An IATA member must submit letter of nomination. The letter shall be typed and contain the nominee’s qualifications, activities, and contributions to athletic training, sports medicine and/or the athletes of the state of Illinois. Nominees must receive 5 out of 6 votes from the selection committee to be granted the award. No more than 2 Special Recognition Awards will be given in any year. If the nominee is an individual, it is recommended that their vitae/resume be used for evaluation purposes. Evaluation points will be awarded for the following: Service to the IATA and Illinois athletes (total years of service, IHSA, IATA, etc.) Service to NATA (GLATA/NATA officers, GLATA/NATA committee service, attendance at GLATA/NATA symposiums, CEU sponsor) Volunteer efforts (charities, Special Olympics, church, scouts, etc.) Letter of Nomination (content, strength) The evaluator will also “vote” to recommend the candidate for induction.

Impact Athletic Trainer Award

The IATA Impact Athletic Trainer Award recognizes athletic trainers who exemplify professionalism, dedication, and longevity in the field of athletic training. The purpose of the award is to recognize athletic trainers in the state who may not seek professional involvement on the IATA Board of Directors, but who play a vital role in the state through their efforts within the athletic training profession. The recipient of the Impact Athletic Trainer Award will be recognized at the annual IATA State Meeting and Clinical Symposium. Applications are due to the IATA Vice President by May 31 st . The application must include the following: Applicant must be a member of the IATA, three letters of recommendation (from a sponsor, co-worker/administrator, and community member), and a current resume or CV.

The Rich Carey Dedicated Service Award

The Dedicated Service Award will be given out as a plaque at the Annual Luncheon of the IATA. An eligible candidate must be an active or retired ATC member of the IATA and an Illinois Licensed Athletic Trainer in good standing for a minimum of 10 years (this includes sitting IATA BOD members elected or appointed). Award applications/nominations are due to the IATA Vice President by May 31, 2017. The Dedicated Service Award is named in honor of Rich Carey, a founding member of the IATA. Prior to coming to Illinois, Mr. Carey participated in a 1972 U.S. Government study in Seattle (WA) researching high school athletic injuries at the high school level. That is where he found his job passion to provide quality health care for adolescents. In 1976, he was hired as the first health & sports medicine teacher/ athletic trainer at Lyons Township High School in LaGrange, IL. In 1980, he served on the Governor’s Task Force on Sports Medicine In Illinois High Schools. He was instrumental in the early development of the IATA serving as its first treasurer from 1982-85, doing grassroots work on the state’s first registration legislation, and serving on the IATA Board of Directors once again from 2006-2008. Mr. Carey has given presentations at state, district and national athletic training meetings and authored a textbook and over 40 publications. After retiring from active athletic training duties, he has devoted his time to preserving the rich history of the athletic training profession first for District 4 then in Illinois by placing its archives in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield. Currently, he resides in Mesa, Arizona and he is now a member of the NATA Historical Commission which is involved in developing the NATA archives in Carrolton,Texas.

Young Professionals' Award

The IATA Outstanding Young Professional Award aims to recognize a young professional (12 years certified or less) whom is a member of the IATA whom has made an outstanding contribution to their patients, community, and the profession of athletic training. The ideal candidate is professional, dedicated, and held in high regard by their peers for their qualities and contribution. Consideration will be based upon recommendation from peers, service, community involvement, and professional development. Nominations will be reviewed by the IATA Young Professionals’ Committee. The recipient of the IATA Outstanding Young a Professional Award will be recognized at the annual IATA State Meeting and Clinical Symposium.