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2022 Board of Directors Election Results


October 4, 2022 Andrea Kovalsky, MS, LAT, ATC

We're proud to announce the winners of this year's Board of Directors Elections. Before we do, we would like to thank the members who demonstrated courage and generosity by running for these positions. Your spirit of service has not gone unnoticed!

Congratulations to the following (new) Board members:

  • Membership Director: Greg Gaa
  • Region 1 Representative: Denny Wongosari
  • Region 2 Representative: Tanya Marquez

Also, we will be holding a special election for the position of Treasurer. This vacancy was unfilled by the regular election, but please look for a ballot to vote in this special election in your inbox this Monday. As with every election, your vote is your voice! Please make sure to exercise your right to have your voice heard as a member.

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