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HB4629 Update


Dear IATA Members,

I come bearing very exciting news, again! Tonight, HB4629, which amends our current state practice act has passed through the House of Representatives! It passed with a resounding 102-0-0 vote. This is an incredible milestone for the profession of athletic training in Illinois. We want to thank our original sponsor Representative Kelly Burke and our co-sponsors; Representatives Jehan Gordon-Booth, Anna Stava-Murray, and Janet Yang Rohr. If you are a constituent in one of these legislators' districts, please consider reaching out to thank them for their incredible support. We also want to thank the Illinois Physical Therapy Association, Illinois State Medical Society, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for the willingness to collaborate with us. There is no doubt that having agreed upon language was the crux to moving this bill forward. We were able to address their primary concerns while still making major strides for athletic training in Illinois, which includes increased practice settings, patient populations, and the ability to work under written referrals from other healthcare professionals (physicians, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurses, podiatrists, and dentists), among other changes and benefits.

So what's next? We certainly are far from the finish line in getting this signed into law by Governor Prtizker. Next, we're bringing HB4629 to the Illinois Senate. We are currently scouting possible sponsors of our senate bill, while working closely with our lobbyist. We will keep you updated every step of the way. There is no doubt that our success on the House side we will help our bill on the Senate side, so we are ecstatic for the opportunity that lies ahead of us.

We also want to be sure to thank all of those who have helped propel legislation for athletic trainers in Illinois in the past. Whether it be former state presidents, governmental affairs directors, board members, or members. This has taken a lot of work over the years, with other battles being won along the way. All of which have contributed to our current success.

Thank you all again for your support. Be on the lookout for potential calls for action, updates, and other items in the near future!

It's a GREAT day to be an athletic trainer in Illinois. What a way to kick off National Athletic Training Month!

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