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March 8, 2018

Views on Programmatic final for Athletic Training Students:

Northern Illinois University: The BOC is the climax of all tests that are taken as an Athletic Training student and it’s one the major obstacles that stands in student’s way of pursing their dreams as an Athletic Trainer. There are many study guides, flash cards, and online tests that are available for purchase for students to prepare for the BOC exam. In an effort to increase pass rates at Northern Illinois University, the Athletic Training program is implementing a final exam preparatory test for this year’s second year students. Currently, second semester second year students are taking therapeutic modalities and upper extremity course work and have previously taken lower extremity course work. During finals week, second year student will be completing a mock exam that will include roughly one hundred and fifty questions. The mock exam will be held in a classroom where students will use a computer and will be given the same amount of time as if they were taking the actual exam. Material on the test will include material form lower and upper extremity and modalities, however the questions that pertain to the current semester course work will be counted as the semester final grades.

This mock BOC final exam is just one of many ways that Athletic Training programs across the states are preparing their students for this certification exam. We hope as students, who have a limited amount of time until we have to take the exam will give us an idea of what to expect not only what might be asked material wise but how it is formatted and set up as if were taking the real exam. Since it is Northern’s first time trying this testing method there are hopes that it will help with next years passing rate and possible spread the idea to other universities.

-Kelsey Knake, Adam Cap

Millikin University: Millikin ATP seniors are hard at work preparing for the March/April and May/June windows for the BOC exam. Out of the eight seniors in our ATP, six plan on taking the exam in the March/April time slot. This means that those seniors have just under a month to make final preparations! One studying technique that we have greatly utilized is studying in a group. Studying in a group allows you to verbally “spit ball” ideas off of one another regarding certain questions and answers and aids in holding one another accountable in efficiently using study time. On top of these weekly study sessions, many seniors participated in an ACES prep workshop at Indiana University. This proved to be a very rewarding experience due to the workshop helping to pinpoint specific areas in which we need to focus on to ensure we are well-rounded in all domains of athletic training prior to taking the BOC. The program took place over a three-day period, beginning on Friday evening and ending Sunday morning, amounting to a total of 13 hours spent in the classroom. We agreed that we felt much more confident in our knowledge and skills after completing the workshop than we had felt entering it. I would highly recommend looking in to this program for any underclassmen who are beginning their preparation for the BOC!

-Kyler Fear